How does the booking fee work?

- There is a $400 booking fee that will be applied towards your overall total. This fee will reserve your date on my calendar

How do I book with La Bellezza Boudoir?

- You can email me at rachael@labellezzaboudoir.com or message me from the website. Once we have connected and picked a date, you will need to sign a contract & pay the booking fee to make it official!

When should I book?

- The sooner, the better! You should book at the very least, 6 weeks prior to needing your product. The more time, the better! Holidays are a very busy time & availability will fill up fast, so plan ahead!

Is there a discount if I do my own hair & makeup?

- No. The hair and makeup service is already included in the package you choose. La Bellezza Boudoir is a full experience meant to pamper!

What is the turn around time?

- Once you have had your viewing & ordering appointment & paid in full, your order will be ready for pick up or delivery in 4-6 weeks.

Do you offer digital images?

- Yes. Digital images are included with the Elegante & Sentimento Packages. (See Pricing page for details)

Can I bring someone to my photo shoot?

- Short answer, yes. However, it's girls only unless you are doing a couples session. You can bring one person with you if you would like, however they are not allowed to take pictures on their phones & it can make it more awkward. But if you would like to bring someone, just let me know in advance! 

I'm nervous and don't know if this is right for me. Any advice?

- It's okay to be nervous! That's what I'm here for. It's not everyday you have someone taking intimate pictures of you. But no need to worry! I will coach you the whole way through, not only telling you what to do, but also showing you myself! By the end of the shoot, you will be so glad you did it! And just wait until you see the final product...you're going to want to do it all again! The day is about pampering yourself and doing something for you. Even if you're giving it as a gift, the whole experience is one you'll never forget! Yes, it can be expensive, but more than likely you will only do this once or twice in your life, so why not do it right! It's not just about looking back on pictures years from now at how you looked; it's about looking back at a moment where you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone and found a new level of confidence and self love you didn't have before!